Questions to Ask When Buying Furniture

Questions to Ask When Buying Furniture

Furniture prices are crazy high and I swear these days only getting higher. So, I have a couple questions I ask myself when I am shopping for bigger ticket pieces:

- Did I research like crazy to make sure this is THE one?

- Is this the best available price?

- Would it be possible to return (without being the worst hassle ever) if it doesn’t work out?

- Do I LOVE it and think I would be able to keep it for 5+ years?

- Will it be versatile enough to evolve with our lives and style?

- Will it retain enough value over the first 5 years that I could resell if needed?

If the answers to all those is yes, then I still sleep on it for a bit before pulling the trigger. I’ve made a few mistakes but have found those questions tend to help prevent regrets! What’s your process for buying furniture?

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