Outdoor Cabana Vibes

Outdoor Cabana Vibes

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I love our back deck - not too big, not too small. We are not "eat outside" kind of people, so although a dining table would look amazing, I am positive it would not get used. So, I went with a conversation set and plan to just add additional seating as we use the space and I can determine what we will need. When you buy or build a house, I feel like the way you think you will use spaces when you first move in, is not actually how they end up!

The issue I was facing is that the deck didn't feel like a "space" it was just part of the patio. So how do you make it feel more cozy and inviting? Well, I was *hoping* that the curtains would do the trick and was pleasantly surprised when they did!!

The curtains are an outdoor fabric so that it holds up to the elements, but the rods are the same ones we used inside the house. They are tucked up under the roof, so other than the humidity in the air, I was not worried about them needing to be weather resistant. I hung them all up and then was faced with a new problem - how do you gather them together without them just completely bunching up? Zip ties. Yes, that's right - I used zip ties to fix the ends of the curtains in place and so when you grob the curtains, they don't move and I could tie them all back!

I think the next step will be to create a more intentional potted plant setup - right now all the plantings are just things I bought that need to be outside. Thinking maybe some ferns to make it a bit traditional - would love your thoughts!

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