Less Common Choices for Our Pool Area

Less Common Choices for Our Pool Area

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We made a couple less common choices for our pool area…

POOL DECK: We chose travertine for the pool deck instead of concrete because it naturally stays cool. So we don’t have to worry about adding rugs and hopping from one to the other or adding an extra layer of pool decking stuff on top to keep it cool in the summer. I was a little skeptical, but it is like 104 today and let me tell you that it is true! My deck gets way too hot in the sun, but the pool deck is safe for bare feet!

POOL DEPTH: Our pool only gets to 4.5’ at the deepest. I actually go back and forth a bit on if this was a good idea, but I think I lean more towards it being the right choice for us. I have a handful of painful autoimmune issues and I really wanted to be able to use the pool as a physical therapy pool where I could walk the length without being on my tip toes. Emma HATES deep ends too, so if it was any deeper it would just be a no mans land!

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