Ikea Farlov Hack

Ikea Farlov Hack

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Decorating during a pandemic has been incredibly hard. We had originally ordered a different couch and after several production/shipping delays, we decided to cancel our order and go to Ikea! I was determined to get a couch without having to wait 14 weeks. We ended up falling in love with the shape of the Ikea Farlov sofas. In terms of size, shape and cushion setup, they are just like their super expensive counterparts from Pottery Barn or Sixpenny. But the cover options Ikea makes were really lacking. So, I did a little digging and found that you can have custom covers made that are not that much more expensive than the Ikea covers AND you get to choose the fabric you want. Total win!!

the company we chose to order through is called Bemz - they are based in Europe and it did take about 5 weeks for them to arrive, which was well under my goal of having a couch within about a month. I knew I wanted a warm white, linen type fabric that would stand up to kids and the dog. So, I selected the Belgian Linen Blend in Warm White. I know, I know - white couches - woman are you kidding me? I do have a 6 year old and a small, chunky little dog so they will get dirty and I have no issue taking the covers off once a month or so and washing them.

The covers were worth the wait an I can say that the linen blend exceeded my expectations. It's super soft and has a cozy vibe that pairs well with our warm white walls and curtains. The one thing I noticed right away though, was that the back and side cushions on the couch were very sad looking. They were seriously underfilled, and totally gave the couches a "frumpy" look. I am totally ok with the relaxed look of a slipcover, but this was very different!! So of course, I would diy this...

I opened up each cushion with a small hole at the bottom and added additional poly fiber fill to each one until I felt like they were plump but not hard. The filling that was already in them was actually super nice, so I tried to carve out a hole in the center of it to add the fiber fill. If you have ever stuffed a pillow or something else with the poly fill you probably have noticed that it can look really lumpy - so by putting the stuffing in the center, the smoother original fill prevented it. Someday I may actually order a big bag of down to put in them, but for now they are perfect!

If you are following along on my instagram I shared the DIY process and saved it to my highlights so you can see the whole process! Be sure to check it out!



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