Primary Bathroom

Primary Bathroom

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This right here is my happy place! The floor plan for the house was all my own design.. for better or worse. Most of the upstairs was designed around how I wanted the master bathroom laid out and the direction I wanted the big window to face (the backyard). Bathrooms are great because they don’t need a lot of dressing up to look finished, so when we first moved in, it was the only space I felt like wasn’t screaming at me for decor. Even though everything is slowly coming together in the house.. this is still my favorite room of the house. Even if I don’t get in that tub as much as I should! 

In retrospect, I could have faced that window any direction since we keep the shade down most of the time. Before we had those installed I accidentally flashed our neighbors, like, a lot! They say they didn't notice and I hope that is true!! But at the time, I had really wanted it to face the backyard for privacy, and knew I wanted this setup with the tub a bit recessed toward the window and the vanities on either side. I also wanted the door to the closet to be directly across from the tub so you get this view when coming through the doorway.

Opposite the vanities are the shower and toilet room. The shower is just large enough that you can set towels on the seat and they won't get wet, but not so big that it takes a long time to warm up. I did keep my migraines in mind when choosing the location for the hand-shower - it points at the seat so I can sit and have the warm water run over me when needed.

Questions I get a lot are where everything is from, so I have done my best to link everything below. The floors are marble from a local company, so that one is harder to link, and the vanities are custom built and stained based on a photo I gave the cabinet makers. If I missed something and you want more info, drop me a note!

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