Master Bedroom Reveal

Our bedroom was the first room in our house that I really tried to design. I had ZERO direction until I found this beautiful vintage rug which made every decision after that so l much easier. As I slowly work through the other rooms of the house I am beginning to find “my style” but there has been a ton of trial and error. I went to school for architecture but am not a trained interior designer, so this has been a learning experience! 

One of my primary goals in our bedroom was to create a cozy space that had a lot of warm tones. The rust and soft green do so much to warm up the bed and are transformative! I’ve included links to as many things as I could below. Our master bedroom has a slightly vaulted ceiling and every wall has wainscoting, and thus does scream at me for art to make an impact. I am positive the art I use in this space will evolve over time, but for now I am actually loving the small image I hung above the bed!

Hey There!

I'm Alexis - the goofy chic behind Curio Press. We just built a house in St Louis, MO and I am juggling being a mom, wife, small biz owner, and trying my best to get this house to look like a home. If that wasn't enough I battle chronic autoimmune issues everyday. I'm so glad to have you along for this crazy journey!

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