What I’m Shopping For: Etsy Edition

Decorating a brand new house is a huge undertaking – especially when you move in with almost no furniture! Add in the fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic and it gets double hard. One of my fave places to shop these days has been Etsy and the items are arriving super fast because they are not coming from huge retailers importing on container ships overseas. Here are a few of the categories I have been obsessively stalking lately!!

Vintage Turkish Rugs

I LOVE using vintage rugs to add a touch of soft warmth to a room. Vintage rugs add a certain lived in quality that a new rug just cannot match, no matter how “distressed” the pattern is. Here are my faves!

Turkish Rug 2Turkish Rug


pillow 3Pillow 2Pillow 1

I love having a basically all white house. It is a blank canvas – then I can add all the color I want with pillows!! After scouring Amazon for quality pillow covers and finding little to nothing I liked outside solid color velvet, I turned to Etsy and was blown away by the quality. Secret though – I did get my inserts from Amazon. They are down filled and I sized up 2 sizes to make sure the pillows always felt super full.


Art 2Art

In addition to pillow covers – art is my other method of adding color. I am not one to spend a lot on art – I change my mind WAY too much to buy something that I might not like in a year. So I have started buying printable files of vintage art off Etsy and then having them printed on canvas or just printing myself and framing – and you know what? It looks great!


hand towelpotsdough bowl

I am a sucker for mixing the new and the old. So the house has a lot of “newness” vibes, and I think adding pops of decor items that are old or look old help make the house more lived in and like it has history. To be clear – I do not like clutter. So anything I put out on the counter or on shelves has to be super intentional!

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