Powder Room

All the houses I have ever lived in had the powder room RIGHT off either the kitchen or living room and everyone could hear you like you were in the room with them. So the placement of this powder room was very intentional (John and Emma both get self conscious when people can here – I could probably go to the bathroom in front of an audience because I am so used to everyone following me into the bathroom #momlife). I wanted it removed from the main living areas, but also right next to the backyard door so that wet kids coming in from the pool or muddy dogs could be immediately put in there to clean up. AND I also made sure that you cannot see the toilet (or mostly) from anywhere you are in the house. You can see the dog wash from the dining area (which is where I am standing for this photo) and you can see the vanity from the hallway, but I really didn’t want the toilet to feel like it was on display. Sight lines were something I did my very best to plan for!! What would be one of your MUST haves when creating a first floor plan? 

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I'm Alexis - the goofy chic behind Curio Press. We just built a house in St Louis, MO and I am juggling being a mom, wife, small biz owner, and trying my best to get this house to look like a home. If that wasn't enough I battle chronic autoimmune issues everyday. I'm so glad to have you along for this crazy journey!

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