Laundry Room Reveal

Welcome to my laundry room!! I know, I know – it’s big. One of the pitfalls of designing your own floor plan is that when you get tired and just decide to be done you sometimes do things like, make the leftover space into an oversized laundry room. But I think it works out because we use it for storage for all the stuff one would normally keep in a garage, like all the tools, electrical stuff, crafts, you name it! I also think the size will allow this space to evolve with us as our needs do. I can imagine someday having a craft table in here for Emma or myself for longer term projects when she is older.

We chose to continue the wood flooring in here for the warmth it adds. The cabinets are Benjamin Moore Dove White on the top and Hot Spring Stones on the bottom. The counter top is quartz (most other rooms are marble) which both saved cost but also means no stains. We did just a simple glittery white for the counters – clean and simple. There is so much space to fold things in here. John took over all the laundry this year and he actually uses the area to the left of the camera view since there is another open counter area. The sink is a large composite one by Kohler – super durable. We are getting Roman shades in here to soften the window wall soon! With all the hard lines and angles, I thought it would be nice to have some more organic lines.

Can’t wait to share as this room changes over time!

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