Guest Room Reveal

At the last minute, my parents decided to stay at our house while we were away on vacay. So the day before leaving I did a mad scramble to get the guest room all set up. Before that it was just a storage room for anything in the house I didn’t know what to do with. After a few hours, 2 trips to Target, one stop at Home Goods and picking up a couple Facebook Marketplace finds, I threw it all together and was shocked how happy I was with it!!  I think there was a lot less pressure to make it match the rest of the house since it’s a less used room and it was so fun to decorate because it could have it’s own vibe. Almost everything here is from Target but pairing the new items with the vintage side tables and chair from the marketplace gave it just the right character.

I am experimenting with the art in this room. I like the kind of weird vibe the art has BUT I think it would work better if the walls had a subtle wallpaper on them. But since it is a guest room, that will have to wait!!

I wasn’t able to link the exact rug but if you are interested in it.. Feel free to send me a message on any of my socials. It actually was a home goods find but I was able to trace back where it’s originally from.

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