Bedroom Decor

Being stuck in quarantine means I am looking at the same incomplete room for the next several days. We had just started decorating the bedroom, but I hadn’t given it a lot of thought till now! These are the things we have found for the room and are absolutely in love with. The art print is a digital file that I sent out to a canvas printer to have printed, then I will be framing it in an antique frame I also found on Etsy. Real vintage finds add a great touch of authenticity to a room of a new house. Oh and these drapes – best I have EVER found. They are heavy and weighted at the bottom and look at least 4x as expensive as they are. I could not rave enough!! Only took buying 5 – yes five – different sets of curtains to find ones that I liked. Hope you can find some help in this too!

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I'm Alexis - the goofy chic behind Curio Press. We just built a house in St Louis, MO and I am juggling being a mom, wife, small biz owner, and trying my best to get this house to look like a home. If that wasn't enough I battle chronic autoimmune issues everyday. I'm so glad to have you along for this crazy journey!

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