5 Migraine Must Haves

Migraines have been a part of my life since I was 11 years old. They got much more frequent after my hysterectomy a few years ago and I have tried SO many things to make them better. But there are a couple of my go-to items that seem to help time and time again – besides meds of course. Checkout the board for me faves, but in general they are:
1) Ice wrap for your head! I have 5 of them that we keep in the freezer so as one gets warm, I can swap for another.
2) Eye mask – we don’t have blackout curtains, so I use this to keep things dark. The pressure usually helps me too.
3) Essential Oils – My fave is from Plant Therapy. If you have been following for a while you know I am a mega fan.
4) Epsom salt baths – when I am able to get up and move around the water is really soothing.
5) A fave blanket – I get SUPER touch sensitive when I have a migraine, so the only bedding that I can stand is my fave faux fur blanket from Target.

I hope this helps you!! Do you get migraines? Anything I should try out??

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